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on capitol hill we're seeing some small signs of compromise. today president obama meets with small business leaders continuing his push for higher taxes for the wealthy. a new xhous economic report warns if tax breaks go away, the average middle class family will owe uncle sam another $2200 next year. >> it seems to be the thing we can agree on, that middle class families should see an extension of these tax cuts. >> reporter: some prominent republicans dead set against raising taxes on anyone now hint they may consider other options. >> we've been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as it's tied to spending cuts and pro growth tax reform that broadens the base. >> you don't raise rates. you cap the amount -- it hets the wealthy. >> reporter: the bottom line, americans are borrowing too much money trying to keep medicare and social security afloat. lawmakers with the fix the debt coalition meet here tomorrow. >> there's going to come a point in time where we can't borrow anymore money and interest rates are going to skyrocket. >> this congress is already one vote away from avoiding
the fiscal cliff. we have tracie potts with details from washington. >> reporter: today, president obama meets with small business leaders. a new white house economic report warns if tax breaks go away, the average middle class family will owe uncle sam $2,200 next year. >> middle class families should see an extension of the tax cuts. >> reporter: some republicans who have been dead set against raising taxes on anyone now hint they may consider other options. >> we have been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as it is tied to spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform that broadens base. >> you don't raise rates. you cap the amounts of eitemize deductions. >> reporter: america is borrowing too much money trying to keep social security and medicare afloat. >> there will come a point in time where we can't borrow anymore money and interest rates will sky rocket. >> this congress is already one vote away from avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: and no word yet on when the next white house meeting will happen. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> thank you. the governor of new
obama is meeting with president elect -- the president elect of mexico today and they're going to talk about a number of issues but certainly the war on drugs affects boarder relations. you say that the mexicans effectively say why stop at legalizing pot? legalize all of it. >> and just this morning, the president-elect of mexico said in advance of this meeting with obama, that he thought we needed to have a broad rethinking of mexico's participation in the war on drugs and to think about alternative first principles. i think that richard is right there will be a kind of long-term political question here, but there's also a very real and present diplomatic question. we have a whole bunch of countries south of the border that are sick of putting in their own lives, their own people's lives, to keep a product expensive for american users to get and so i don't think that legalization of hard drugs or the transit of drugs is on the table but i think there could be some rebalancing we could see and what we expect mexico to do, what we expect guard mall la to do and provide them. >> it is a
to "power lunch." it is a fiscal cliff faceoff. president obama meeting with small business leaders at the white house this afternoon to make his case for higher taxes ahead. we will also go to the home state of a kai player in tey pl talks. >>> the chevy volt struggling to work with car makers aed car buyers. why is general motors doubling down with its big bet in electric and has it jumped its sales? >>> facebook stock up 10% in the past week and 30% the past two months. has it finally turned a corpser? >>> speaking of corners, we have switched corners, tyler, the gentleman that he is, is braving you the snow and the ice in new york city and he is down on the floor of the new york estock exchange. >> a mucky day. not since 2008 has it been so high. more evidence the housing recovery is taking root. prices rising in the big cities but a warning we may head into a recession next year if the u.s. and europe don't solve their fiscal messes. right now the dow industrials a built of a breather down 21 points. >>> meanwhile, 34 days to the fiscal cliff. will a deal be done in time? today
their deductions? close loopholes? or raise their tax rates? today president obama meets with small business leaders continuing his push for higher taxes for the wealthy. a new white house economic report warns if tax breaks go away, the average middle-class family will owe uncle sam another $2,200 next year. >> it seems to be the thing that we can all agree on, that middle-class families should see an extension of these tax cuts. >> reporter: some prominent republicans who have been dead set against raising taxes on anyone now hint they may consider other options. >> we've been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as it's tied to spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform that brudens the base and lowers rates. >> you don't raise rates, you just cap the amount of itemized deductions that taxpayers -- it hits the wealthy. >> reporter: the bottom line, republicans say americans borrowing too much money trying to keep medicare and social security afloat. lawmakers with the fix-the-debt coalition meet here tomorrow. >> there's going to come a point in time where we can't borrow any more mo
the investigation of the deadly attack in the consulate in benghazi. in an hour president obama meeting with mexico's president-elect at the white house to discuss border security, immigration and trade. we'll get a preview. a record powerball jackpot soars higher for tomorrow night's big drawing. we'll tell you how much it's worth now. it's a story around the "news nation" for you. check out the tumblr page. you find behind the scenes pictures. we have to update the picture, because today -- tomorrow they reveal the big tree. that scaffolding is no longer up. we'll take a new picture and have it updated for you in the break. oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late. prego?! but i've
, that's true, zoraida. in fact we haven't seen the congressional leadership and president obama meet since november 16th. now there were staff discussions over the thanksgiving holiday. they don't seem to be as productive as some people had hoped, as you said, we are now 35 days until the fiscal cliff. what we do know, though, is that president obama did reach out to house speaker john boehner. he is the republican, the senate majority leader harry reid the democrat over the weekend, perhaps to try to jump-start the talks. as of now, as the house of representatives comes back today, as the senate came back yesterday, we're still very much in limbo on the fiscal cliff. >> here's something else we know. some major republicans have come out and they say that they don't feel bound by the americans for tax reform pledge. most recently we saw house majority leader eric cantor. do you believe more republicans will stick by this? >> what we're finding out right now zoraida is that there's a little bit of coming to jesus moment about how to fix the fiscal cliff. for republicans perhaps it is
? >>> president obama meets at the white house this hour with mexi mexico's president-elect. there's plenty to discuss, but at top of the list according to the white house immigration reform. president obama won more than two-thirds of the latino vote. the administration believes that should be a wake-up call for republicans to get on board with a bill about the border. a new abc news poll shows a majority of americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already on u.s. soil. is this issue finally fertile ground in washington? let's spin about it. i don't think we can eliminate or separate the immigration discussion from the drug war, which stretches across the united states and mexico. part of the immigration discussion and the drug war wrapped up in this fear of, you know, drugs, violence, poor folks participating and escaping from the drug war coming here. america is slowly moving against the war on drugs. it's kinld of amazing to see this movement. we see colorado and washington creating a very liberal open policy, california striking down their three-strikes law. that
. >>> president obama meets with small business owners today to promote his solution to the fiscal cliff. the deadline is now 35 days away. the president is holding more events tomorrow and friday. "new york times" reports this morning that a budget deal could reduce the tax deduction millions pay on their mortgage interest. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, charlie, and norah. the president and house speaker john boehner spoke by phone over the weekend. top aides in the house and senate tell us that negotiations at this point are just taking place between the president's staff and speaker boehner's staff. that's because any deal that involves raising tax revenue is going to face its biggest challenge in the republican-led house. top republicans returning from thanksgiving recess urged the president to make the first offer in fiscal cliff negotiations. and they expressed a new openness to raising tax revenue, if democrats agree to make cuts to strengthen medicare and medicaid. >> elections come and go. and when they g
is in washington, meeting with lawmakers. he'll be meeting with the president, president obama, next hour. fernando del rincon is with me. president elect here has said repeatedly that, you know, he doesn't want to as much focus on security and the drug war, that it is really the economy, right, in deepening economic ties with the u.s. that is his priority. >> yes, absolutely. that's correct. there is a really interesting numbers out, we can talk about, and why he thinks economics is the main topic. and that's what he's trying -- >> why? >> -- to turn around. let's think about this, the general secretary says mexico will grow 3.8% in his economy this year. now, talking about 2013, growing 3.6%. 2014 will be 3.6%. that's a much more than we expect from u.s. and europe. now, one of the topic is energy. the president is focusing a lot on energy. so what is u.s. looking for? energy also. president obama said that several times that we want -- we need to be efficient in terms of energy. that would be a door that would open a lot of opportunities for mexican government in terms of bilateral relationships
fiscal cliff president obama is taking his case to small business owners from across the country, meeting with more than a dozen at the white house, looking to avoid a year-end tax hikes and spending cuts. republican leaders will meet with a bipartisan group of former members of congress as list leaders as well as both sides hold the line on taxes. >> i'm willing to put revenue on the table to pay down debt and create a better economy but my democratic friends have to reform entitlements. what will make us greece is not raising taxes. what will make us greece is not fixing medicare, medicaid and social security. jon: white house press secretary jay carney says president obama will not give on extending current tax rates on wealthy americans. on entitlements carney says the president is open to changes except when it comes to social security. >> the president has long made clear that he is open to discussions about strengthening social security as part of a separate track. jon: so is the u.s. economy heading for a plunge over the fiscal cliff? with us now, associate editor and columnist fo
in washington. the president's fiscal cliff campaign. live pictures of the white house are president obama will meet today with 15 small business owners. the first of a series of meetings this week as the administration puts the pressure on congress to make a deal. the "washington post" reporting the talks are accelerating between president obama and top congressional leaders, including john boehner who was on the phone with the president over the weekend. the white house's pr campaign is being buoyed along by warren buffett who is voicing support for tax hikes for americans just like him. >> i think it would have a great effect in terms of the morale of the middle class who have seen themselves paying high payroll taxes, income taxes and then watched guys like me end up paying a rate that's below that, you know, paid by the people in my office. >> joining me now is wisconsin's republican senator ron johnson. senator, it's great to have you with us this morning. and as we talk about what's taking place in washington, d.c. right now, the million dollar question is all concerns around senato
. [laughter] good work. all right, well, president obama is meeting with small business leaders today to garner support for his plan to deal with the debt. this following a meeting yesterday with the white house officials and small business owners. one entrepreneur in attendance was carol coughlin, she is founder of bottom line growth strategies, and she joins us now. what does your company do? >> well, we are growth advisers. we work with growing companies in the mid atlantic area to provide, to help them grow profitably and sustainably. david: okay. and the fact is because you've got a lot of offices around washington, there has been growth there even though the general economy is growing at anemic levels. how did the white house find you? how did their folks find you? >> i believe they were looking for businesses in the area that were growing or that were in the news, and that's how they found me. david: okay. did you meet with the president or not? >> we did not. we met with a number of advisers at the white house. david: for example? >> um, business outreach group, immigration, h
cain says she requested the meeting. afterwards, rice issued a statement saying the talking points the intelligence community gave her were incorrect and that at no time did she or anyone in the obama administration intend to mislead the american people. the white house worked to reinforce that tuesday. >> ambassador rice has no responsibility for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence. >> reporter: acting cia director michael morrell joined rice's capitol hill meeting to help her field questions. danielle nottingham cbs 5. >>> president obama is making a public case this week for his approach to avert the "fiscal cliff." he is meeting today and tomorrow with small business owners and middle class families and he will visit a small business in pennsylvania on friday. negotiations with republicans continue behind closed doors. a democratic senator says his side is willing to discuss reform of medicare and medicaid. >> the math just doesn't work anymore. not because the programs are bad but because thank goodness we're living longer. >> republicans are signalling they're op
. >> thanks very much, lisa. >>> mexico's new leader's here in washington to meet with president obama. but first he sat down with me for an exclusive interview today. you're going to hear his strong words over the so-called fast and furious gun smuggling operation. and the powerball jackpot reaches half a billion dollars. [ male announcer ] this single scoop of gain gives more freshness than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used to... [ sniffing ] yep. it's amazing what a single scoop of gain freshness can do. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask one of our insurance experts about it today. hello?! we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, and we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. [car alarm blaring] call now and
. >> president obama is going to meet with the carefully selected group of business leaders to get their input. how the republicans will do the s same. there will be little room for compromise. >> they once again urged the senate to pick up the house passed bill extending the hacks breaks for millionaires and billionaires. as president the senate has considered this bill. we jeekted it on a bipartisan basis. it was load down in this congress. >> republicans are looking for some willingness on the part of the white house to cut spending or maybe tackle big costly entitlement problems for medicare and medicaid and social security. is there time fov the big fix in place before we reach the fiscal cliff before the end of the year. >>> thank you doug. time for a look at what is talking. another big talker this morning the growing situation in egypt. following a cease fire between israel and gaza president mohammed moresy is granting himself sweeping power causing a major firestorm. >> that move sparking four-days of violent protests in cairo and across the country. however supporters say the increa
. nevertheless the violence continued unabated. in the runup to a meeting with president obama in 2011 president calderon blamed the administration for not keeping promises, calling it knnotoriouy insufficient. what do americans need to cooperate on? in reducing drug consumption but they aren't haven't reduced it and putting the stop to the flow of arms but they haven't reduced it. it's increased. all of thises has fueled a furious debate inside mexico whether the drug war is even worst the cost? the public seems to provide its answer. when it elected nieto who ran on a pledge to improve lick safety as opposed to going head-to-head with the cartels. despite that president elect nieto says he will press ahead with the drug war and maintain close ties with the u.s., but members of congress have their doubts. here is what the head of the subcommittee on crime and ho homeland security said. >> drug shipments or kingpins. he further emphasized that his priority would be a reduction in violence, not a dismantling of criminal organizations. by all accounts this sounds like a reversion to the prepolicie
said he would welcome a meeting with obama rice and seemed ready to mend fences. >> is there anything ambassador rice can do to change your mind about it? >> sure. she can give everyone the benefit of explaining their position and the actions they took and i'll be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. >> senator mccain promised he'd give ambassador rice the chance to explain how her initial comments on the attack were based on talking points provided by the intelligence community. but apparently they still don't like her answer. here's what ambassador rice had to say about what actually happened today. she said, quote, we explained that the talking points provided by the intelligence community were incorrect. the intelligence assessment has evolved. we stressed that neither i nor anyone in the administration intended to mislead the american people and the administration updated congress and the american people as our assessments evolved. it's is that simple. that's the truth of what happened following the attacks. but republicans are trying to gin up a scandal
equipment, where they can in the u.s.. president obama is apparently meeting in person with small-business leaders today. what do you want them to tell him if he is in a mood to listen? >> the of to make our country competitive. they have to reconsider how job creators fund their companies. they fund it by having a war chest of cash and if it is depleted by higher taxes they can't hire more people, they can't buy more equipment, can't come up with new innovation. is imperative that we keep reinvesting and hiring people. this is how america will get out of the recession. [talking over each other] >> we thank you for being with us. congratulations on your visit to the white house. cheryl: in the last few moments we did see the dow turn positive and once again going into negative territory. all of this as worried about the fiscal cliff and europe. our next guest says if there's not a fiscal cliff solution we may get a replay of 2009. this happen to the market in 2009. remember this? james lebenthol, president of asset management joins me now i use a markets if we don't get a deal, wh
. president obama is meeting with small business owners at 2:30 p.m. eastern time to make his case for his fiscal cliff plan. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper melissa: so even if lawmakers and the white house do reach a deal to raise tax rates on the nation's top income earners will that significantly cut into our nation's huge debt problem? check this out for some context. during the 201 fiscal year, it costs nearly $9.7 billion a day to run the federal government. oh. the additional revenue from ending the bush-era tax cuts would average $82 billion a year. so that is enough money to run the government for eight and a half days. lori: cue outrage. >> well, the math is very simple. all we have to do is figure out the other 357 days. i don't see what the big deal is. lori: got to be spending cuts, right? this is the crux of the matter. taxes are frustrating and i understand your point but can't come without cuts. >> we've been talking about the fiscal cliff for a very long time. we've been warned of it amply. we've talked about it in detail.
on to say that the obama administration has decimated al qaeda. so what they're going to ask in this meeting is whether she knew in a classified way that al qaeda or an al qaeda affiliate was behind this. if so, that's -- that's their accusation, that she was misleading the public. >> all right. dana bash, reporting live from capitol hill this morning. >>> good news for the u.s. housing market. a report released just about an hour ago shows that home prices are up about 3.6% from a year ago. that is the biggest quarterly percentage gain in two years. the rebound spurred by a combination of record low mortgage rates and improving job market and a drop in foreclosures to a five-year low. >>> and also just into the newsroom, more signs of recovery. consumer confidence, it hit a four-year high. alison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange. wow, i'm feeling pretty good this morning. >> reporter: you and a lot of other americans surveyed in this report. yeah. looks like the consumer is in a better place than they were, say, a few years ago. as you said, consumer confidence reaching a fou
-elect of mexico to meet with president obama. he called him earlier in month to con the gragratulate him the victory. he will also meet with congressional leaders. the fiscal cliff is looming pending whatever words you want to use to get it done, but the new congress, republicans know immigration reform is a priority. let's see what comes out of that meeting tomorrow. i would assume the mexican president will push president obama to get it done. president obama wants to get it done. he wants to keep the sort of onus on republicans to get something done. that, i think, will focus us a little bit on immigration reform, maybe a slight move off the fiscal cliff for a few hours tomorrow. >> in fact, i think the meeting actually starts this afternoon, so i misspoke on that. they might have wanted not to it talk about the drug war, but they have this horrible assassination now of the death of the mayor a fighter against the cartel and already lost her husband. it goes on. >> absolutely. i would say, andrea, always with these meetings you get to talk about what you want to talk about and also th
will bring with it more than $500 billion in tax cuts and spending cuts. mr. obama is in meetings with small business owners from across the country today. he is not, however, meeting with leaders of congress today. our dan lothian is watching the comings and goings at the white house. and at some point, dan, congress is going to have to either come together on this and work with the president on this, and yet we're seeing all these various different meetings all around the communities and the country. it looks like there's a particular strategy that's playing out when it comes to the president right now. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of negotiations have taken place in the staff -- on the staff level. the president himself did speak with speaker john boehner on the phone over the weekend. there was that meeting with the lawmakers, the leadership just before the president went overseas on his southeast asia trip. but so far, no additional meetings that we know of on the schedule for the president to sit down with congressional leadership to try to hammer this out. i can tell you that i sp
's looking forward to a strong introductory meeting with president obama. and i'm sure the president's looking forward to meeting him as well. some people in mexico have dubbed him the mexican kennedy because of his charisma, good looks and youth. let's see if he can deliver once he's in office. >> we'll be watching your interview on "the situation room." appreciate it, the preview there. >>> the fallout over the attack in benghazi, libya is taking another turn. susan rice today met with republican senators who have been criticizing her. her initial explanation of the september attack for the four americans killed in benghazi, including ambassador chris stevens. senators, after the meeting, were even more critical. >> bottom line, i'm more disturbed now than i was before that the 16th september explanation about how four americans died in benghazi, libya, by ambassador rice, i think does not do justice to the reality at the time and in hindsight clearly was completely wrong. but here's the key -- >> rice issued a statement saying that she made it clear there was no intent by the admi
and president obama meets with small business owners as part of a week long effort to drum up support for his plan to help the country avoid the fiscal cliff. back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> actress halle berry's ex-boyfriend was granted a restraining order following a thanksgiving day fight. some of the pictures you're about to see is quite graphic. he suffered cuts and bruises and a broken rib at the hands of martinez but it was aubrey who was arrested and released on bail. the restraining order requires martinez to stay 100 yards away from aubrey until a hearing next month. the two have been locked in a custody fight over their 4-year-old daughter. >>> now for a look at what's trending today. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. a chicago woman is winning internet sympathy over a bad romance that turned into a parking ticket nightmare. jennifer fitzgerald says her ex left the car registered in her name in an airport parking lot for three years, and it racked up more than 600 tickets leaving jennifer with a $100,000 tabitha she is no
's the newshour for tonight. on tuesday, we'll look at the white house meeting between president obama and mexico's president-elect enrique pena nieto. i'm ray suarez. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. we'll see you online and again here tomorrow evening. thank you, and good night. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. macarthur foundation. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions captioned by media access group at wgbh >> this is n.b.r. >> susie: good evening everyone. i'm susie gharib. new estimates show going over the fiscal cliff could cost the economy, the equivalent of four times what shoppers spent over black friday weekend. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. it's cyber monday, and shoppers
those comments as we get them. now, the white house says president obama called john boehner and harry reid this weekend on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff. the "washington post" reports boehner plans to have some house republicans meet with erskine bowles. so what's it all mean? paul dale joins us for more. are you very concerned, not at all concerned? >> a little bit concerned. there's still a good chance we'll reach a deal before the end of the year. a deal whether be done to overt the fiscal cliff. the tricky part is the second part of the deal. averting the cliff is relatively easy. the second part is putting in place a medium term plan to really soft problems. >> of course especially with the dell ceiling looming, in your view, does it matter whether the deal is reached through spending cuts or tax increases? >> from an economic point of view, no. i just want to see that deficit can down to something that's much more stable. at the moment, in the cliff is averted, u.s. debt could spiral up towards 90% of gdp, which would bring around some problems. we want to see as an economis
that live here on c-span at 11:30 a.m. eastern. over at the white house today, president obama is meeting with small business owners. at 12:30, jay carney will hold a press briefing and take questions from reporters. this afternoon, the president and vice president will meet with the mexican president who takes office december 1. the press briefing today at 12:30. on capitol hill, the house of representatives returns today at 2:00 p.m. eastern on their agenda this afternoon five bills including a measure requiring the department of a homeland security to report on security. later this week, a student visa program. also this week, the democratic leadership elections. that will be coming up later this week. live coverage of the house at 2:00 p.m. eastern. a number of senators have been meeting with u.n. ambassador susan rice in the wake of her comments following the attack on the benghazi consulate. just wrapping up is a brief news conference and statement with senators. here is a look. >> i had a very candid ambassador rice embassador ric and the deputy director of the cia. [inaudible] she
more on the busy schedule and whether we are closer to a deal. >>> they are meeting with small business owners to find out about tax cuts to be extended. president barack obama has not met with congressional leaders since it before the thanksgiving break and no other meetings have been planned yet. the white house is welcoming comments on tax increases on wealthier americans. >> some of the tax increases are welcome and they represent what we hope is a different in tone and approach to these problems. >> but time is running out to strike a deal for spending cuts that kick in as part of the so called fiscal cliff are now just 35 days away. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well a new study finds part of the bay area have higher invasive amounts for the western part of the state. the northern part of alameda county and a section that runs between san mateo and alameda counties. breast cancer rates were 10 to 20% higher than the state average from 2000 to 2008. breast cancer rates have long been a concern in marin county. >>> they are looking into whether the man accused of k
as secretary of state and she may not be. obama could decide to go with john kerry or jane armen or who knows who else, right? susan rice has to go up to the united states senate today and meet with -- she will, meet with john mccain and lindsey graham and a couple of other senators and try to explain herself. she shouldn't have to do that. i think it is embarrassing. kevin is calling from chicago. what do you think kevin? >> caller: hey, how do youing, bill? >> bill: good to hear from you. >> caller: if they were a legitimate news organization, wouldn't you go with the fact -- take whatever your guest says and you go with it. but since everybody knows they're the mouthpiece of the republicans, i find it amusing that they're so inept they don't even see what their guest is going to say. it is like how dumb are they? it just reinforcing the bumper sticker on my car as i drive to work this morning. fox news, the more you watch the less you know. >> bill: i like that! send me one. where did you get it? kevin, it let me t
geithner it go and others. instead, president obama is utahing this critical week to meet with the ceos from small and big business and middle class taxpayers before boarding air force one on friday for campaign style rally in the philadelphia area. >> rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties an working out an agreement, he is back on the campaign trail. we are not going to this problem creating villains and drumming up outrage. >> he will be out trying to i'm sure zero in on those states that are represented by members of the house and the senate. to try to get public support. >> republicans quickly moved to set up their own photo ops with the small business leaders. the white house said g.o.p. complaints about the president's schedule was the time for talks dwindling was disparaging to ordinary americans. >> it seems like the talks broken down. am i wrong? >> i think you are wrong. it's not just a matter for discussion between the president and the senate minority leader. or other congressional leaders. >> only inside the beltway do people think that sitting in a room f
is going to meet with people regarding the libya killing. >> reporter: ambassador susan rice suggested that the benghazi attack was spontaneous violence. the obama administration later said it was a terrorist attack. rice heads to capitol hill today to meet with three of her harshest critics senators john mccain, lindsay graham and kelly ayotte. mccain now willing to hear her side of the story. >> i will be glad to meet with her and listen to her positions and justification for her comments but i'm -- i'm very unhappy with her performance. >> reporter: graham is also looking forward to hearing from rice. >> there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this event and others. >> reporter: ayotte told cnn that rice's staff contacted her about the meeting. she believes it will focus on rice's, quote, representations of what happened at benghazi. rice is considered a top pick to replace secretary of state hillary clinton who said she will leave her post when a replacement is found. mccain, graham and ayotte all said they would block any effort to advance rice if she is nominated. i'm
for secretary of state. she will meet with other lawmakers later this week. president obama has been unwaiving in his support of her calling republican attacks on her outrageous. >> according to official announcement, the president of mexico and the president plan to talk about economic development and bored concerns. while there is no second sit down scheduled for the president and congressional leaders he did speak to john boehner and harry reid over the weekend about avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president will meet with small business owners today. tomorrow he meets with middle class americans who would be affected by tax hikes and more business leaders. friday he's going to travel to hatfield pennsylvania where he will give campaign style remarks to get support for congress to negotiate the right kind of deal. we are back with more steph after this. ♪ [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> yahoo, it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from everywhere. steven weber. he will be there nobody panic
in payroll taxes to meet the needs of people in their 70s and 80s. >> obama care is going to be the law of the land. if we have universal health insurance, if anybody is covered, you can raise the retirement age for medicare. then you can have a system where you can go up to 70 years old. if the republicans cooperate and really force a system of health care exchanges, these health care superstores where you have real competition and you can drive down the premiums that are charged to individuals and small businesses. i mean, we have a real opportunity here. this is a great moment and, you know, i congratulate the senator for the pioneering work that he's done on this issue in the past. >> you know, we have to go but, senator, i want to congratulate you for voting for simpson/bowles. you and people like dick durbin, i have tremendous respect for you to stick your neck out and say something a lot of politicians won't do. it isn't perfect, but it's where we have to go. thank you so much for coming on. senator tom coburn, who, again, my kids seem to love for some reason. thank you very much
into a riot is less credible than ever. >> smart of her to call the meeting. acting cia director michael morrell will accompany rice during today's meeting, fueling speculation that the ambassador is topping president obama's list to replace secretary of state clinton. some say the president could announce his choice this week. >> i'm still holding out. i think it may be jill kelley who gets the nod. >>> a new report says the assad regime received help from russia as international sanctions are beginning to cripple the syrian economy. eight round-trip flights between moscow and damascus delivering more than 200 tons of, quote, bank notes into syria. u.s. and european sanctions include a ban on syrian currency in an attempt to slow the violence that's killed thousands of people. syria and russian officials have so far not responded to the reports. >>> overseas tens of thousands are rallying today in cairo's tahrir square protesting what they view as a blatant power grab by president mohamed horsey. with tensions mounting yesterday, morsi appeared to soften his controversial attempt to awa
. updated versions have fewer risks. talks between president obama and congressional leaders continue behind closed doors. they are attempting to reach a deal through a series of meetings before automatic cuts and tax hikes go into effect at the end of the year. the president wants tax breaks for 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses, while raising taxes on the wealthy. most republicans remain against tax hikes and want to cut spending on social programs such as medicare and social security. however, the latest tone out of washington is encouraging. "as thomas jefferson said, and this is a quote, 'we should not put off tomorrow what we can do today.'" "the only balanced approach is one that includes real and lasting reforms, so republicans have stepped out of our comfort zone." in the latest manueverings, the obama administration points out the typical american household will pay $2,200 in additional taxes next year, which could hurt consumer spending by $200 billion in 2013 and threaten christmas shopping this season. house speaker john boehner and a few other key republicans appear
in 2009 by president barack obama. he has over see the disbursement throughout the country through the american reinvestment act and has done so meeting every milestone established by that act. getting money into hands of transit operators whose budgets were severely strained by the worse economic downturn since our great depression. please welcome fta administrator peter rogof. [applause] >> well thank you mayor lee and let me just say as the federal transit administrator it's great to be in a federal transit city. as many people know a rail connection was promised to the people of union square and chinatown going on two decades. they made that promise because this quarter is the most densely populated quarter in the entire western united states that doesn't have an adequate rail connection and that promise was made because we have the opportunity here to cut the commute for tens of thousands of people everyday in half by this investment. the vast majority of the people don't own a car. they depend on transit. well today through president obama's leadership, secretary lahood le
-chairman of the 2010 deficit reduction commission, and president obama on wednesday is planning to meet with business leaders. that is what is happening so far this week. in the negotiations or the fiscal cliff. public events, private meetings, so far they are not set a date for them to get together. some quick headlines. tensions intensified in egypt as the muslim brotherhood president -- he has met with judicial leaders. that is the latest of egypt. and the los angeles times, syria is now a shell of its old self. the los angeles times reporting on that. and then this tension debate on whether susan rice should become the next secretary of state. this is the washington times. but as far back to our discussion this morning for all of you. going off the fiscal cliff, some democrats are saying that the possibility and wouldn't be so bad. steve, on our line for republicans, what do you think? caller: i totally agree with the caller from texas who said that we should return to the clinton era tax law. just think of that era we had. we had a budget surpluses. and we had a winning prosperity. i do not thin
. >>> on to our top story tonight, president obama ups the ante on fiscal cliff pressure meeting with small business owners from all walks of live at the white house today. the million dollar question? what will be the real impact on small businesss? with me now, straight from that meeting in a fox business exclusive is the cofounder of book to the roots, an urban mushroom farm growing gourmet business. wow i have to ask yyu a lot about that because i don't understand that. i will ask you first, what happened at the meeting? what did you guys talk about and what was the response you got. >> yeah, thanks for having me on. it was an incredible opportunity. it was really fun room. cool to see the energy and passion in the room. it was 15 small business owners along with the president and i think he asked us to share our stories and how we got to where we are today. he kind of explained a little bit about his vision for the economy and where he thinks it is going. and thoughts about what is top of mind for us about the economy. melissa: so what did you say and did you feel like he listened to y
its thanksgiving break today. the senate was back yesterday. meantime today president obama will be meeting with small business leaders. at issue of course is the series of tax increases and spending cuts that kick in at the end of the year if congress doesn't act. >> there will come a point in time where we can't borrow anymore money and interest rates will sky rocket. >> cnbc's raise above campaign continues. we're asking who has the courage to rise above partisan politics and find a solution. among our guests, three men who understand washington, wall street and corporate america very well. we have the chairman of president george w. bush's council of economic adviser, ed lazear, roger altman, and real estate tycoon don peebles. but let's cover this morning's top headlines. >>> we do have a lot in the corporate headlines this morning including equity residential and avalon bay communities agreeing to buy archstone from lehman brothers holdings. the price tag, about $6.5 billion in cash and stock. the deal gives lehman cash to help pay its creditors as it liquidates. but i
republican lawmakers about the benghazi attack and that it was spontaneous. the obamas up the minister's letter said it was a terrorist attack. she is to meet on capitol hill with three of her harshest critics. senator john mccain, up lense gram. >> i will be glad to listen to her position and her justification for comment. i am very unhappy with her performance. >> gramm is also looking for to hearing from rice. >> there will be a lot of questions asked about her this event and others. >> rice is considered a top pick to replace secretary of state henhillary clinton spli. as a says she will keep our post until replies to this town. >> a new poll found that american is less optimistic in the country's future than they were four years ago py 60. 40 percent said the country will be worse off for years from now looking ahead to the president's second term 54 percent say they are enthusiastic or optimistic. while 44 percent are not. despite that president obama is operating remains unchanged. more than half of those surveyed give him a thumbs up on the job he's doing in office so far. >> t
? >> at the meeting with the floor leaders, president obama said social security is not part of what we're going to do on this. i agree with him. there are things -- i personally believe there thinks he can do with entitlements that don't are beneficiaries. but i'm not going to negotiate this with you other than to say we hope they can agree to the tax revenue we are talking about and that its rate increases. as the president said on a number of vacation, we are happy to do with entitlements. >> conventional wisdom on a fiscal deal as it has to include revenues and cuts. you've made clear how you feel about revenues. with the first thing on the list to cut? >> remember, we've done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. we need to get some credit for that in these negotiations that take place. [inaudible] -- any deal includes taking the debt ceiling off the table and also guarantees on the discretionary level -- [inaudible] >> on first about the day feeling, we would be somewhat foolish to work out something on stopping us from going over the cliff. a month or six weeks later come republicans but f
a deal behind closed doors? and president obama gets set to meet with mexico's incoming president, a deep dive into a fight that's killed nearly ten times as many people as the wars in iraq and afghanistan combined. it's that drug war south of the border in mexico. >>> and governor chris christie makes it official. he's running for governor of new jersey in 2013 for re-election. but that doesn't mean 2016 speculation doesn't cran
are planning to meet with ceos up on the hill a day after tomorrow. >> top ceos and top fiscal experts two weeks after president obama essentially did the same thing. the ceos of etna inc., honey well international and irskin bowles are amongst those scheduled to attend. half the bowls simpson deficit planned and laid out own formula to save $2 trillion. it is clear republicans like his ideas which would generate $800 billion in revenue through tax reform. meanwhile so much tax reform about allowing the bush tax cuts to allow the wealthy tox expire cost $9.69 billion a day to run. estimated additional revenue from allowing the bush tax cuts to expire would generate an average of $82.4 billion a year. so the money saved would run the government for 8 and a half days, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live in our newsroom. warning from the white house tonight. it says americans who may do less holiday shopping this year because they are worried about possible tax hikes in january. if we do go off the cliff, the white house is predicting more serious consequences for the entire economy. a lot of
is coming up in my next report. >> it is 6:36 a.m.. if president obama has been redirected but he is still campaigning. he is campaigning on dealing with the fiscal cliff. he will travel to pennsylvania and meet with small-business owners as the pressure republicans to extend tax cuts for people that are in less than two and a $50,000. he will be meeting with these business owners and middle class residents. >> new video coming in from cairo. look at all of the tents that are set up. this is a mass rally against a decree of begins the new president. this demonstration is just after he stated that he had a meeting with judges that was aimed at the worst political crisis in june. there are marches across the capitol and this is the center of a protest that is about the numbers and it is expected to swell. >> we will be right back as we continue. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to w
and i believe at this particular time he's meeting with the president right now. president barack obama, and we look forward working with our mexican counterparts to make sure that we keep in mind that a secured strong prosperous mexico is in the best interest of the united states. mexico is not an enemy but it is a friend of the united states. and i think both benny thompson has been down to the border and michael mccaul has been down to the border. the rio grande does not unite the two countries but unites us together. also to the family of jamie zapata, losing a son is very, very difficult. and, again, we want to thank the family for providing this strong hero in a we can say jamie zapata was truly a hero of the united states. so members, i urge all my colleagues to support this bill by voting aye on h.r. 915. and with that i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas has announced that he's prepared to close and reserves. the gentleman from mississippi. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker.
number of positions in the foreign policy arena and i will leave it at that. >> today's meeting place between ambassador rice and her staunchest critics on capitol hill. after his reelection president obama took exception to republican senators critical of rice saying if they want to come after anyone they should come after me. >> gretchen: we remember that. why is no one talking about susan rice, she went out on the talk shows and got the talking points from the white house and said what they wanted her to say. >> brian: she said the intelligence. >> gretchen: that's why she would be secretary of state. she did what she was asked to do and did it well and it worked with the electorate you could argue and now she will be secretary of state. what is going to stop it? >> steve: not necessarily. senate aides. administration is having her sell herself up on capitol hill today and what she is doing, she is appealing to the moderates, in particular republicans from georgia and tennessee. they are trying to figure out whether or not she can win the moderates over and avoid an embarrassment.
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